Eric Mark — Actor, Writer, Stand-Up Comedian, Voice-Over Artist


Eric Mark is an actor, writer, stand-up comedian, and voice-over artist, born in Toronto, and based in Los Angeles.  He brings perspective, intelligence, and a propensity for irony to all of his creative endeavors.

After studying drama in college, Eric took a slight detour, focusing for a few years on the business side of the industry as a media-and-entertainment strategy consultant.  However, success in that aspect of the business only reminded him how much he thrived on creativity.

Now back performing and writing on a continuous basis, he incorporates sophistication and charm, grounded in hard-earned, real-world wisdom, into most everything he does.


Creativity, energy, passion

“I think the greatest reward for any performer isn’t applause or acknowledgement, it’s knowing that you’ve genuinely affected your audience.”

— Eric Mark

Commercial Voice-Over Demo